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Wildfire Glasgow 28th Oct – 7PM   Leave a comment




Posted October 12, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

New podcast from Glasgow WildFire Gathering – The Good, Acceptable or Perfect!   Leave a comment


In this message Stephen Mckie challenges us to go for the perfect plan for us as individuals and as a nation.  There is a book in heaven with your name on it and written within its pages is the perfect will of the father for your life.  So the question is will you choose to walk in the perfect will or will you settle for the less! The choice is yours!!  Click on the link below to listen

Posted September 25, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

Next stop Hastings New Zealand: 8-10th September   Leave a comment


Posted August 24, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

Wildfire Glasgow: Saturday 23rd September   1 comment

At our recent Scotland Ablaze gathering Nancy Coen prophesied that God was going to baptise Scotland in Fire!! Why not come and stand with us untill this becomes a reality!!


Posted August 16, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

Scotland earthquake and the Throne of God   2 comments

God is establishing His government in these days. Have a look at this short video where Stephen Mckie shares some amazing things that happened during the recent  Scotland Ablaze conference in Ayr Scotland.

Posted August 15, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

Ian Clayton Scotland – 4th & 5th August 2017   1 comment

Hi guys, we are so excited about this years gathering in AYR Scotland on 4th-5th August.  We wanted to let you know that there has been a slight change to the speaker schedule as Grant Mahoney cant make it to Scotland now.  However we will still have Ian Clayton and some of our very own home grown team including Stephen Mckie and Abi Campbell.

Ian has had amazing encounters about this gathering and believes that God wants to do something unique.  Abi also had a powerful dream where Ian shared some incredible things to her personally. So if you want to join us then please follow the instructions on scotland ablaze and register through eventbrite.  Come and join us for these unique few days and be part of something life changing and historical!!

Scotland Ablaze team


Posted June 16, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

Wildfire Glasgow July 1st – 7pm   Leave a comment

We dare to believe for a nation on fire! Who will dare to join us in this amazing heavenly pursuit? This is not the hour to step back in fear, this is the hour to step forward into the God given promises given to us through the prophets of old.

Posted June 7, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

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