Ian Clayton & Grant Mahoney – Ways of Royalty Gathering Scotland 4th & 5th August – Registration now open!   Leave a comment


Scotland Ablaze invites you to join us in The Ways of Royalty 2017 with Ian Clayton, Grant Mahoney and Stephen McKie. Worship with Graham McNeill and friends.

Due to an increase in demand we have moved venues to accommodate more people.

This will be Ian’s 7th year with us here in Scotland and he is very excited about this year again. He is hearing from heaven already concerning our nation and this event. If you have never been to any of our conferences you will be so blessed as they are never just a conference, there has always been a life changing decree and administration for the nation take place and it has been such a privilege and honour to be a part of it. We are ready to embrace what heaven has for us as a nation and a species whatever it looks like.

Grant was with us for the first time last year and brought hope, healing and restoration to many hearts as he presented simply the truths of who we are as Sons of God. We are looking forward to hearing him share again with his huge father heart and unique humour.

Stephen McKie has gone from strength to strength this year sharing worldwide his easy to understand and follow teachings on the courts of heaven and much more. He is now a regular teacher on ‘The Nest’ on-line training school. We at Scotland Ablaze have a hunger to see the manifestation of the Sons of God to arise on the face of the earth and this event is to facilitate this happening in each persons life who attends.

There will be two days full of worship, teaching, activation, administration, laughter and sweet fellowship with one another. We are excited to share with you in the journey into the unknown where the known is revealed.
Please note that there are many places to stay in Ayr and we recommend you search ‘places to stay in Ayr, near Ayr Racecourse’

Registration & Session Times

Friday Registration – 8.30am – 9.30am

Friday  & Saturday Sessions

Session 1: 9.30am11am

Session 2: 11.30-1pm

Lunch: 1-3pm

Session 3: 3pm – 5pm

Session 4: 7pm – 10pm


How to Register

Simply click on the Eventbrite image below, then once you are on the Eventbrite page click on TICKETS then follow the simple instructions to buy your ticket.  Once you have done that and got an email from eventbrite remember to print out your confirmation email as this is your Ticket for the ways of Royalty gathering, so remember to BRING it with you for registration!  



Any registration questions contact Lorna at: lorna.mcneill63@yahoo.com 













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Wildfire Gatherings with Justin Abraham – 16th, 17th & 18th March (Venue to be confirmed soon so watch this space)   Leave a comment


Scotland Ablaze are very excited to announce this wildfire gathering at the beginning of 2017. You may ask what is Wildfire, what does it look like, what is my part in it, why would i go to this event anyway? Several years ago i heard God speak in a tiny whisper at one of our Friday evening meetings and he said “this is a hot spot” On that evening there were five of us sitting around in a circle praying and worshipping but i could hardly have compared it to something that seemed the origin of a wildfire but God has spoken and we chose to believe Him and take Him at His word. We have continually sought Him for His kingdom to come and to be manifested on the earth as it is in heaven. We still do! Stephen McKie had a burning desire to have these wildfire meetings and to share the platform for these with Justin Paul Abraham and Graham McNeill. On the way to wales love fest he mentioned to Graham how he had a burning desire to have wildfire meetings and to have Graham speak there as he believes he has a passion and a fire in him that God wants to be released on the earth at this time. When we got to wales the first evening Justin Abraham shared passionately about wanting to re kindle the wildfire gospel and to be the burning ones on the earth. We all looked at Graham and Stevie and laughed and knew God had set us all up for such a time as this. When we asked Justin if he wanted to come to Scotland and share he said he had just been thinking the same thoughts. It is time. It is time for us to gather and proclaim and release the fire of passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be released on the earth as has been prophesied over and over again. We are believing for God to move in our nation and are pressing in for the fulfilment of these prophesies. You are a vital flame in this massive fire and your part is crucial as each one of us has a destiny in God to see this manifestation on the earth.
About the Speakers
Stephen Mckie(Scotland Ablaze) has been on quite a journey these past few years that has taken him to many different countries speaking about the kingdom of heaven and the courts of heaven and much more, but one thing has always stayed with him, God spoke to him and said that he will see over 1million souls saved in Scotland! He has passionately believed that God can save a whole nation and said yes to heaven to call a nation to come up higher and to believe for so much more….

Justin Paul Abraham(Company Of Burning Hearts) is from Wales we have been connected with him and COBH for around 8 years now. He has such an incredible call on his life to bring Gods people into a much deeper relationship with Him, his passion is incredible and his teachings on the mysteries of God are shared world wide and eagerly sought out by very hungry people. On my first encounter with Justin i had the vision that is shared on this website about an army all being individual flames of fire. I seen Justin in the spirit as a fierce flame of fire in the heavens who was then thrust down and caused such a crazy wildfire as he hit the earth. He has been known to cry out “this is not a tame fire” on many occasions whilst preaching. This is a fire of love that will win nations to the Gospel of Jesus Christ…

Graham McNeill(Rivers of Fire Ministries) Graham has been a passionate believer in God since he was a young boy and has such a hunger to see God move in our nation with miracles signs and wonders and everything that heaven has for us. He has been part of the worship team in Rivers of Fire Ministries for several years now and more recently with us at Scotland Ablaze. recently God told him ‘He was about to increase his sphere of influence’ and so we embrace all that God will bring to us and this nation through him at this time and in this season….

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The Nest online training school 2017   Leave a comment

Hey guys, I am very excited to let you know about a new online training school called the Nest. If you are hungry to know more of God and keen to learn how to grow into a mature son who functions in the heavenlies then this school could be for you.  The Nest is a 3 year school where you will be taught various subjects such as:

  • Living beyond the veil
  • Heavenly courtroom 
  • Eden
  • Becoming living beings 
  • Friendship with God
  • Working with angels
  • Unraveling your scroll of destiny
  • And much much more

Registration for the Nest is open but will close the end of December (1st Trimester starts January 3rd) so if you are interested and want more information then visit the Nest website at:


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Into The Unknown Conference Registration Closed!!   Leave a comment

Hey guys, just to let you know that registration for the Ian Clayton conference 25th-27th August is now closed.

For those who are registered remember that registration opens at 6pm Thursday 25th August and the meeting starts at 7pm

There are plenty of free parking spaces so parking should not be an issue.

The hotel will also be selling food at lunchtimes


Sessions times

Thurs 7pm (registration at 6pm)

Friday & Saturday sessions

Session 1) 9.30am-11am

Session 2) 11.30am-1pm

Break -1pm-3pm

Session 3) 3pm-5pm

Session 4) 7pm-10pm

We cannot wait to meet you all

Stephen Mckie


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Ian Clayton & Grant Mahoney 25th-27th August   Leave a comment

Hey folks, time is surely flying and our into the unknown gathering is fast approaching. We are very excited about this gathering especially because we also have Grant Mahoney with us as well as Ian Clayton. I just wanted to send out a final invitation to anyone who feels called to come and join us as we engage in the heavenlies. We still have places so simply follow the instructions on Scotland Ablaze.

I believe this is going to be a springboard for Scotland as a nation and all those who attend. We are in days where we can see darkness all around us but in secret, in hiddennes there is a sound arising.  There is a drumbeat, there is a heart beat. The Lions paw is about to step onto the land and the sons of light are about to emerge. Christ in us, the hope of Glory is about to shine in us fully and display the fullness of who He is and also reveal the mystery of who we are in Him.  These are the days that God has spoken about in ages past through his holy Apostles and Prophets. There’s a sound emerging, can you hear it, can you feel it?  Let us rise and be part of it!

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USA Trip in July 2016 – California & Texas   Leave a comment

Hi guys, i am excited to announce that Jane Schroeder and myself (Stephen Mckie) will be coming to 2 amazing locations in the good old USA this July.  I personally have felt a strong pull to come back to USA so i know that God is surely up to something.  If you can then why not join us in these Governmental gatherings, it would be awesome to see you.


To register for Access Unlimited go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/access-unlimited-tickets-25757339897





Also don’t forget our August conference here in Scotland with Ian Clayton and Grant Mahoney  This is going to be an epic and significant time as the Ekklesia gathers to engage with heavens blueprint.  This is one you wont want to miss.   Registration Details are on scotlandablaze.com


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New Podcast: Isaiah 60 Scroll for Scotland – Ian Clayton (2015)   1 comment

For 3 months before last years into the unknown conference with Ian Clayton, Ian had been engaging in a council meeting in heaven where heavens councils, including men of hqdefault (1)old from the Hebrides, were discussing Scotlands blueprint.   In this session Ian talks about this and releases a word He received for Scotland based around Isaiah 60.  This again was a powerful nation changing session.



God has done amazing things these last few years in Scotland at the Ian Clayton conference in Troon so if your interested in coming this August 25th-27 please visit scotlandablaze.com for details.   click on the link to listen:

Note: if you cant see the podcast player to click on, it could be because you don’t have Adobe Flash Player. you can download it or just go to http://www.stephenmckie.podomatic.com to hear the latest podcasts


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