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Scotland Ablaze and the Lighthouse Church Troon are pleased to invite you to the 2014 ‘Brand New Era’ Conference in Troon Scotland with Ian Clayton.

Name of Conference – Brand New Era

CYMERA_20140313_160748Speaker -Ian Clayton

Dates- Thu 14th, Fri 15th & Sat 16th of August 2014

Venue: LighthouseChurch, Ailsa Road, Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA10 6DB

(No parking on Ailsa road )

Cost: £30 per person

Last year at the Ian Clayton conference a destiny scroll from heaven was released for Scotland which left many in tears and deeply impacted because of the power of what had just happened.  Recently Sharon Stone prophesied that Scotland was the first nation in Europe to cross over the Jordan into the Promised Land.   So for Scotland, and indeed all the nations of the earth, there is no doubt that we have entered into a brand new era.  We have never been this way before and so we need to learn the ways of heaven in order to walk in the fullness of all that God wants to release through us to the earth and indeed all of creation.  This will be a powerful time of engaging heaven and learning the ways of God.  So why not come and join us as we position ourselves to walk in the fullness of all that God wants to release to us in these days.  These are the days that many of the Prophets of old foresaw, so let us not miss our day of visitation; let us seize the day!

Sessions times

Thurs 7pm (registration at 6pm)

Friday & Saturday sessions

Session 1) 9.30am-11am

Session 2) 11.30am-1pm

Break -1pm-3pm

Session 3) 3pm-5pm

Session 4) 7pm-10pm

Registration for Ian Clayton 2014 Now open



1)    Click on any of the Donate buttons on this website

2)    In the purpose box write Ian Clayton 2014 followed by the names of the people who you are registering for

3)    In the donation amount box put the amount in that your paying (remember its £30 per person)

4)    At this point you can either pay with credit card or Log into your personal PayPal account if you have one

5)    After you follow the simple instructions watch out for an email confirming your registration

If you have any queries or problems with Registration please contact

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Fire and the Manifest Sons (New Podcast)   Leave a comment

This podcast is the 3rd in a serious of 3 about the manifest sons that we are becoming.  Al creation is groaning for this and we are about to partake in it! God is about to send a fire that will utterly change us so much that we will be unrecognizable.  The fire will literally change our DNA until we are burning with a purity that this world has never seen! Hope you enjoy and are challenged by this podcast from Canada.

Click on the link to listen:

Fire & the Manifest Sons.

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Brand New Era Conference 14th, 15th, 16th Aug   Leave a comment

Hey Guys its not long now until the Brand New Era conference is here! This will be a significant event just before Scotland votes on independence which will truly be historical for us as a nation and the United Kingdom as a whole.  So surely it’s time for us as Gods people to transcend  our world views and discover the mind and heart of God for our nation (and nations)?  Surely it is time and imperative that we engage heaven to change the earth and not just follow political agendas one way or the other?  Surely it is time to learn the ways of heaven and align with heaven so that Gods kingdom comes in Scotland and the nations as it is in heaven?  If you want to to be part of engaging heaven and learning the ways of heaven then please register for the Brand New Era conference by following the instructions on  Any registration questions contact

Stephen Mckie

Ian Clayton 2014 final version

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The Blood & The Manifest Sons (New Podcast)   Leave a comment

All creation is groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God on earth but the question we must ask is how are we going to become that which creation is longing for? The answer? The Blood of Christ is going to be a major part of changing us into the image of Christ! When we get a revelation of the Blood and actively appropriate it into our lives then we will be changed from Glory to Glory!  We will become like Christ!!! Click on the link and Enjoy

The Blood & the Manifest Sons.

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What Will the Manifest Sons Look Like?   Leave a comment

The Apostle Paul declared that All creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. So in this podcast Stephen Mckie seeks to answer a simple question and that is – What will the manifest Sons look like? If everything in creation is waiting for the mature sons to emerge and be revealed then surely we need an understanding from the Lord of what this will look like and how we can position ourselves to be part of this great outworking of Gods magnificent dream! This was recorded in Nashville USA. Hope you enjoy and are challenged!

Click on the link and enjoy!

What Will the Manifest Sons Look Like?

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Become the Voice: Stephen Mckie (new podcast)   Leave a comment


William Branham once said that there would come a day when the spoken word ministry would be released once again on the earth! Many voices through many generations and epochs have proclaimed and ushered in new seasons of Gods agenda for mankind but we in these days are about to hear the voice of the Lord released in a way we have never heard before! His voice spoken through a yielded company of laid down lovers will shake not only the earth but the heavens also! The voice of the Lord will change everything!!! Click on the link and enjoy!

Become the Voice: Stephen Mckie.

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New Podcast: You Shall Receive a New Name – Andrew Mckie   Leave a comment

10176182_10152126336056634_3624610643223904362_nIn the podcast Andrew Mckie shares on how all through scripture God changed people’s character and future destiny by giving them a new name. A new name represents a supernatural transformation where individuals or nations transition from one era into another. God has already changed our name but in the days to come He will change it/them again as we partake of the hidden manna.  A new era is dawning and we will become something entirely new just like Jacob when he was renamed Israel. We are now sons of God but what we will be we do not even know! Click on the link to listen

You Shall Receive a New Name – Andrew Mckie.

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Following Mystery – Abi Mackriell (New Podcast)   Leave a comment

This is a weighty message by Abi Mackriell shared at our monthly Spirit School in Saltcoats. Abi speaks about how we 460-_9431591need to embrace mystery in our walk with the Lord, for He (Christ) is indeed the ultimate expression of Mystery and as Paul says, Christ is the Mystic secret of God. As we embrace mystery we ultimately embrace God Himself! This is one message you need to keep listening to because the weightiness of the message increases as the message continues! Click on the link below and enjoy!

Following Mystery – Abi Mackriell.

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