Spirit School: Fri 24th Oct 7pm- Argyle Community Centre Saltcoats   1 comment

Why not join us at our monthly Spirit School on Friday 24th Oct 7pm.  We are just a small group of people who are learning to engage with heaven to change the earth according to His will and purpose.  in the past few years God has been teaching us about the courts and councils of God and how we as His ecclesia can participate in the Government of heaven that He is now releasing to the earth.  We have no idea what will happen in any of these gatherings, we just turn up empty headed but with hearts full of desire to see His kingdom come and for Christ Himself to inhabit the temple that He builds.  In the last few weeks God has spoken and said that He is going to start releasing healings, so if anybody is in need of healing then we will also pray for you at this meeting. So Bring your self and bring the sick! We have no agenda except that Jesus has His way!


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Manifest Sons (Stephen Mckie Canada)   Leave a comment

This podcast was recorded in Canada with our friends Ecclesia of Burning ones. What is coming is more then revival it’s the fulfilment of Gods dream to have mature sons on the earth.  We won’t just have visitation we will experience habitation as we are transformed into the image of Christ who is our example of what a mature Son looks like. click on the link and enjoy

Manifest Sons (Stephen Mckie Canada).

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Ian Clayton-Engaging the Presence of God (Scotland 2014)   1 comment

In this podcast Ian Clayton teaches on the importance of pursuing God himself and not experience.  If we just seek experience without knowing God we could easily be deceived and could easily go off course but if we seek God and his friendship first then we will go much farther and will be taken on the most incredible adventure anyone could ever imagine! Engaging with the Presence of God is the most important thing we will ever do! click on the link, Listen and enjoy

Ian Clayton-Engaging the Presence of God (Scotland 2014).

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The unicorn (Scotland) has already been released from her chains   Leave a comment

Scotland has just experienced the most incredible few weeks culminating  in the independence referendum! Many people were delighted at the vote to stay part of the United Kingdom yet others were deeply disappointed! Many of the yes unicorn-dimensions-unicorns-17788267-1024-768campaign, among my fellow christian friends, feel that Scotland, represented by the unicorn, is somehow still in chains and that we need to keep fighting politically until we are free! This simply isn’t the case.  Over a year ago a scroll for Scotland was released from heaven  in a gathering we held in Troon Scotland.  In this meeting the unicorn was powerfully released from her chains as we experienced one of the most powerful intercession times any of us had ever experienced! Many wept and cried as Scotland was released into a new era.  So in these days we must tune in to what heaven is saying because if we don’t we will be caught up with the spirit of the world and we will think we need to fight battles that God hasn’t called us to fight and we will miss what heaven is saying and doing! Please listen with an open heart and hear what God has already done in our nation! click on the link to listen

Scotlands Destiny Scroll (Ian Clayton 2014).

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Godfrey Birtill’s Message to Scotland   1 comment


I came across this on facebook and thought i would share it here! Separation isn’t just about Scotland it also affects our family across these islands!  


“I wrote this song while in Kyle of Lochalsh in 1998.
Lets stick together Scotland! The thought of a break up of our union really saddens me. x

I have come to these islands
To undo heavy burdens
Set the oppressed free.
Give bread to the hungry;
I have come to these islands
To loose chains of injustice,
Reach the rejected.
Cover the naked.

Yes the light will break forth like the morning
And your healing will spring everywhere;
Then your righteousness will go before you
And when you cry – I shall here.

I have come to these islands
With no pointing finger,
But the hands of a builder,
A homelife restorer;
I have come to these islands
To rebuild ancient ruins,
Raise up the foundations,
For this generation.

Yes your light will shine out in the darkness
And the darkness become bright as day;
You will ride this earth’s highest mountains
And all your work will be to my praise.”
(Godfrey Birtill 98© Whitefield Music)

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And what of Israel?   Leave a comment

I wonder in the present Scottish referendum debate if you have considered Israel?  What has that got to do with anything you blessing-thru-israelmight ask?  Well it has a lot to do with it because the stance we take towards Israel God will take towards us as a nation!  You might think that is very harsh.  Well all I can say is it wasn’t me who said it!  God did!


Numbers 24: 9 (GNV)

“The nation is like a mighty lion;
When it is sleeping, no one dares wake it.
Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed,
And whoever curses Israel will be cursed.”


So whoever, even us, whoever blesses Israel will be blessed but whoever curses Israel, even us, will be cursed!! So my question is this!  What will the policy of the Scottish Government be if we say yes to independence?  Well this is what Alex Salmond said about Israel:


“This has implication for example in trading relationships-you can’t have normal relationship if you believe another country has been involved in what Israel has been involved in”. 


Alex Salmond supports economic sanctions against Israel because He believes they (Israel) are acting ‘beyond the pale’.  Doesn’t sound like blessing to me!


So we think we can prosper by going it alone, well if going it alone means voting in a government that wants sanctions against Israel I would rather not! You might say, we are not voting for Alex Salmond or SNP we are voting for independence. Well unfortunately it is Alex Salmond and the SNP who are driving the campaign for independence and in the event of a yes vote we will have an SNP government even if that is just short term.  The truth is they could get voted in again for a longer term, we simply don’t know!  Are we willing to take that risk?



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What If?   5 comments

What if we are looking to the wrong source for our answer?  What if neither Westminster nor Edinburgh will ever be able to Unicorn_and_the_Lion_by_Essence_of_Equusdeliver us from a broken unjust society? What if justice never can come from beneath but from above?  What if this isn’t about economics or politics but an awakening to the original design of England and Scotland? What if that design was that England the Lion, the Apostle would stand in unison with Scotland the unicorn, the Prophet?  Oh Scotland the unicorn has awoken and is throwing off her chains and rightly so, but what are we going to do with that freedom? Are we going to say, well the Lion has often been cruel and unjust so we will just leave her in her slumber!  What if the purpose of the current political awakening in Scotland right now is to awaken the Lion to her destiny so we can both, the Lion and the Unicorn, leap into a brand new era of apostolic authority together!  I might be wrong  but……what if?

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