Caithness Gathering Sat 7th Feb   Leave a comment


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New Podcast: Apostolic Hubs (Houses of Habitation)   Leave a comment

In these days God is establishing Apostolic Hubs all across the planet.  In these Hubs God is teaching communities of people about how to engage with heavenly realities beyond the veil.  These Hubs are like green houses where We will grow into maturity and will ultimately prepare us to walk in the fullness of all that God is and all that He has dreamed for us! We will become like Christ himself! Click on the link and enjoy!


Apostolic Hubs (Houses of Habitation).

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Caithness & N Ireland Gatherings   Leave a comment

Hi folks, just a wee post to let you know about two up and coming events, one in the North of Scotland and the other in N Ireland.  The first is in the far North of  Scotland in Caithness (7th Feb).  More details will come soon.   The details for the second gathering in March is in the poster below.  Hope you can join us on our travels as we believe for wildfire and heavenly government to be established across the nations in 2015!


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New Podcast: Moses, the Altar and Heavenly Government   1 comment

God spoke to us recently (through Ian Clayton) about building an Altar under the mountain of God.  Many of you might have listened to that podcast. Well this teaching by Stephen Mckie seeks to discover exactly what that means by asking simple questions like: what is an altar and what do we have to do to build it?  God in these days is calling a people up (like the 70 elders) into the mountain of God so this teaching will help your understand what it is we need to do to cooperate with this heavenly invitation.  Click on the link to listen

Moses, the Altar and Heavenly Government.

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Building an alter under the Mountain of God – Ian Clayton (Scotland 2014)   Leave a comment

In this podcast Ian teaches on the importance of building an alter under the mountain of God (just like Moses did) so that the Governmental realm of heavenly Zion can rest upon us as a covering and be administrated through us into the earthly realm. Click on the link,  enjoy!

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Spirit School – Fri 28th Nov 7pm   Leave a comment


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New podcast – Hiddenness- Abi Mackriell   1 comment

In this podcast Abi Mackriell takes us on a journey, the journey of discovery of the mysteries of God. We are being called in these days to embrace God as He is and not just as we understand Him to be. For He is beyond our understanding yet somehow we yearn to enter into the depths of all that He is even if that path is shrouded in unknowable mystery.  To listen click on the link and enjoy!

Hiddenness- Abi Mackriell.

Posted October 28, 2014 by stephenmckie in revival


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